Sunday, 19 October 2014

Seven snaps for seven days - week forty two

It feels like autumn now that the beautiful squashes are around. The first of an autumn collection.

My niece enjoying playing with the big clown button my friend gave her.

Shuffling about on the floor playing games.

Enjoying watching the leaves changing colour whilst out walking my dog.

Attending my first Boxing Club show with my fellow Level Two friends.

Ready to sew up the cable cuff 1940's mittens that will be heading over to KateEmVintage.

Making knitting plans in my beautiful notebooks.

Vintage treasure hunting

In the past couple of weeks I have had success in my vintage treasure hunting. I am always on the look out, I rummage, I act on hunches, I dig through piles, I grab anything that looks interesting, I examine,I check regularly and I ask. But often, it is just simply a case of being in the right place at the right time. Sometimes you have great success, sometimes you walk away empty handed. I always enjoy the hunt though!

These are from a local charity shop.

Perfect for Kate-Em! They need a clean up and the mounting needs sorting out but I couldn't leave these cross stitch pictures behind. They are Kate Greenaway figures and I already have the K one as my Godmother stitched it for me when I was born!

Charity shops are a fantastic source of buttons, once you have dug through all the little plastic bags of men's shirt buttons and random oddments. I don't know what I will use these on yet so into the button tin they go.

This piece of fabric was hard to photograph as it has a slight sheen to it. It looks a bit like a brocade but I don't think it is. I liked the delicate pattern and there was a decent length of it so I snapped it up.

I collect Stitchcraft magazines so when the lovely Lucy from 1940's style for you was selling some recently I was able to fill a few holes in my collection.

Very glamorous! Wish I looked like that answering the phone. Love the jumper.

Camels! Need I say more!?

Fabulous hat and mittens set.

Great hair, twinset and parrot!

Beautiful. I think I might like a nice fluffy bolero.

The vast majority of this haul I found at the fabulous Hebden Bridge Women's Institute Rag Market. This twice yearly event is run by some members of the WI and is a fantastic place for crafters to go shopping. The hall is packed with stalls piled with craft related goodness; fabric, wool, buttons, thread, patterns, notions, paper, books etc. Some of the stall holders are selling their stash, some are shop owners, some are selling the contents of their granny's attic. Everything is priced reasonably and it is a great place for a rummage. The recent market was so very good that I spent my budget by 9.45 (I was helping set up, it didn't open until 11am), and I had to pay a visit to the bank! It was worth it.

I found some fabric:

Gorgeous colours, heavy weight and a really good length for £2!

Modern John Lewis but looks very Mid Century.

Some small pieces of tweed for a project that is half formed in my mind!

I found some knitting patterns:

Apart from the lovely gloves I love the styling of this one.

I will probably be selling this one on as I am fairly sure I have it. Great hats!

I have to try this and see if it can indeed be knitted in 2 hours.

Intrigued by the peculiar cone hat which can be styled slouched or straight up!

I love the Growing up in Sirdar range for their colours and styling as much as the patterns.

I had to get this as the socks match the yoke of the jumper.

 Just a lovely set.

I found embroidered goodies:

Tablecloth with baskets of flowers in each of the corners.

Tablecloth with garland of flowers in each corner.

An oval cloth for a dressing table.

A really gorgeous tray cloth.

I found books:

I found buttons:

For 1950's Tyrolean knits.


I found some random bits and pieces:

Boxed embroidered hankies.

Close up.

A marvellous crocheted doily.

Close up. Look how fine that work is.

A lovely cheery tin.

I found Stitchcrafts:

Great jumper and hat set.

I was very happy indeed with all my finds! Lots and lots of projects and ideas to be getting on with!

Monday, 13 October 2014

Seven snaps for seven days - weeks thirty nine to forty one

I seem to have been struggling with my seven snaps over the past few weeks hence this catch up post. Some days just do not seem to have presented any photo opportunities and some days I have been hard pushed to choose the snap that I want to represent the day. I am hoping to get back to normal this week and have today's snap in the bag.

Interesting window display in the local barber's shop.

The map chair in the town hall. It has a speaker in each wing and when you sit down you hear poetry about the local area. It is fabulous!

A bit of a grey day at the seaside, with the sun trying to come out.

Lovely colours in the leaves of this succulent.

A fantastic knitted hanging basket outside the haberdashery shop in my granny's town.

Gorgeous colours over the sea at sunset.

Having a lovely and productive time at knitting group. these mittens will be in my Etsy shop shortly.

Very proud of achieving my Level Two Amateur Boxing Association Award!

My mum helping my niece who is trying out walking in her first pair of shoes.

There was a pretty double rainbow over the valley. You can just make it out above the trees.

Milkshakes at an impromptu lunch with friends. Lots of fun!

A selection of my vintage china having an outing at a much needed crafternoon.